Help - Make your Post
1) When you are finished filling-in the form fields with your data, read the Legal Disclaimer.  Only if you understand and accept it proceed by clicking on the "Accept T.O.S. Disclaimer" button.
2) Confidence building between driver and passenger may be enhanced by PayPal "verified" Payer Status and "confirmed" Address Status.  Some of your PayPal identification details will be collected by GishiGo.  Upon Passenger "Make-a-Match" the driver will receive an email containing passenger information, and the passenger will receive an email with driver info.
3) Ensure you are at the SSL (https:) PayPal page.  Make your US 99¢ Post Fee payment either by logging into your PayPal account or by using your credit card. PayPal will process this transaction either way.  If you don't have a PayPal account then either use a credit card or ask a friend to make the PayPal payment on your behalf.
4) Shortly after your Post Fee payment you will receive email confirmation.  Allow your web-browser to load your new Post Detail Page and watch as the distance and duration estimates are calculated.